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We are a manufacturing facility of mobile warehouse steps, located in Alfreton, Derbyshire.


We want our workplace to be known for growing people by teaching and knowledge sharing. We continuously improve our lives and serve our customer through the act of Kaizen (continuous improvement), our high quality products are a by-product of the culture we're building. You will not just be a welder, sprayer or a receptionist at our company, you will be a process engineer in-charge of creating an amazing environment to work and thrive in.

OUR COMPANY VISION is "To ensure the long term growth of the company through a team of highly motivated individuals; who uphold our values and embrace the opportunity for education, friendship and travel".



We're looking for a fully trained welder to join our team full time, this will include;


  • Using jigs to weld up and assemble our products to the highest possible standard

(we do not require you to work from drawings)

  • Welding (MIG) thin steel tubing

  • Eliminate defects in the production line

  • A process engineer who looks to improve every process

  • Keeping a safe and responsive work environment

  • Quality control / attention to detail in every weld

  • Focus and maintain workflow

  • Helping out the team wherever possible - cross training

  • Maintain all equipment to the highest standard

Hours are 7.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 7.30am - 1.30pm on Fridays.

Must be available to work overtime including early mornings, Friday afternoons and Saturdays as needed.


We are a Lean thinking team, which basically means we come to work to improve our products, our day to day roles and to serve our customer. The by-product of having a dedicated, cohesive and happy team, is that we make quality safety products! We teach and train our employees everyday through our morning meetings, this is the highlight of our working day!


To create a true culture of 'Kaizen', we are looking for people to fit with our ethos. You must be enthusiastic, self motivated, extremely respectful, humble and should be curious enough to ask the question 'Why'. We want people who can 'grow' themselves and teach others about their findings. You shouldn't be shy, as we hold factory tours a couple of times a month, in which you will need to pitch in and share your successes! If you naturally hold all of those traits then we would love to meet you!  


Don't be discouraged if we have no advertised openings for positions within our team, we never want to miss out on a great person! If you fit WE WANT YOU, therefore you should apply anyway!


  • Have Passion

  • Show Integrity 

  • Be Humble 

  • Continuously Improve - Kaizen

  • Give Respect


  • Leave it BETTER than you found it

  • Go & SEE

  • NEVER guess or assume

  • Always use a person's NAME

  • Hold each other ACCOUNTABLE



  • Not pigeonholed into one job role

  • Chance to learn everyday through our morning meetings

  • Opportunities to change / improve your own job

  • Chance to teach your peers

  • Grow your confidence through hosting morning meetings

  • Borrow books from our library or audio library 

  • Host factory tours / Lean waste tours

  • Visit other Lean companies in the USA and Europe

  • Open environment to speak with any and all team members

  • Financial Advising Services

  • Record YouTube and process videos

  • Company events & BBQs

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