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Choosing a step can be quite a difficult task, especially if you're not the one who is ultimately going to be using it! We have set out a few points for you to consider before purchasing a product, it is important that you note the all of the points and ask the right questions to the right people to save any disappointment and headache having to return the item if it's not quite right.


  • When your step has been delivered, you should assess its suitability for the intended use with a full Risk Assessment. Your own H&S officer should complete this. 

  • You should read through our user instructions found on our downloads page here... 

  • Inspect the product prior to using it and complete a full Maintenance Inspection, at least once every six months! We have a free inspection form to help you with this on our downloads page here... 

  • This is a piece of safety equipment, you should train all users for their own safety prior to use and record their training.

  • For information on how to operate the braking system, to aid with your on site training, you can view our user video and download a copy of the instructions from our downloads page here... 

Faye Inspecting step.HEIC


  • Always check the product for adverse signs of damage, prior to using it. If you're unsure then you should ask your H&S officer to take a look.

  • Always check that there are no overhead hazards, prior to moving or using the step.

  • You should always ensure that the step has been placed on even ground, prior to using it.

  • Always observe the Manual Handling and Working at Height Regulations.

  • For your own safety DO NOT, Run or Jump when ascending / descending, throw any items from the platform or stand on ANY of the steps FRAMEWORK, other than the treads or platform area.

  • DO NOT use the step if it is DAMAGED in anyway, look out for... bent framework, broken wheels / accessories, legs not sitting correctly on the floor. 

  • NEVER EXCEED the steps Safe Working Load (SWL), this is always stated on your step. Please note this, PRIOR to using!


  • Only carry loads within the limits of safe working practice.

  • Only work within easy reach of the platform area, you should NEVER over-reach or lean out when operating your safety step.

  • Ascend / descend the step using the handrails provided.

  • Do not exceed the SWL label found on the product.

Important Information.jpg


It is highly recommended that an inspection is carried out by a competent person, they should have a good working knowledge of the types of defects or deterioration that could be present. Be extremely vigilant for the following damage which could be present during your inspection...


  • Bent or twisted framework & bracings

  • Damage to the braking system

  • Damage to treads & platform area

  • Paintwork missing or rust developing 

  • Missing or damage to wheels & castors

  • Damage or missing platform exits

  • Missing or damaged labels, especially the 'Safety Notice' label (this contains vital information on SWL limits)


Should you find any faults during this inspection, we highly recommend that you remove the unit from operation immediately and quarantine until the fault has been rectified.

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