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How to stay safe, when using your safety product... Choosing a step can be quite a difficult task, especially if you're not the one who is ultimately going to be using it! We have set out a few points for you to consider before purchasing a product, it is important that you note all of the points and ask the right questions to the right people to save any disappointment and headache having to return the item if it's not quite right.


  • When your step has been delivered, you should assess its suitability for the intended use with a full Risk Assessment. Your own H&S officer should complete this. 

  • You should read through our user instructions found on our downloads page here... 

  • Inspect the product prior to using it and complete a full Maintenance Inspection, at least once every six months! We have a free inspection form to help you with this on our downloads page here... 

  • This is a piece of safety equipment, you should train all users for their own safety prior to use and record their training.

  • For information on how to operate the braking system, to aid with your on site training, you can view our user video and download a copy of the instructions from our downloads page here... 

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