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How to stay safe, when using your safety product... Choosing a step can be quite a difficult task, especially if you're not the one who is ultimately going to be using it! We have set out a few points for you to consider before purchasing a product, it is important that you note all of the points and ask the right questions to the right people to save any disappointment and headache having to return the item if it's not quite right.

  • Restocking charges...
    You will incur carriage both ways to collect and return the item(s) Between 18 to 25 percent (of our current list price) handling charge, depending on the product range An admin charge Full cost of any modifications or extras applied to the product Any refurbishment and any administration costs for any goods returned due to the buyer’s own error or abuse. Please Note: Once the goods have been inspected at our factory we will issue the relevant refund against the original invoice. You can view our Terms & Conditions of Sale in the downloads section. We will refund your initial order and re-invoice for the above charges.
  • Can I return my Bespoke Item(s)?
    If you have a bespoke item we will not accept it back for restocking, this is because your item has been custom built for your specific needs.
  • Can I return my unwanted item(s)?
    If for whatever reason you wish to return an item, you may do this by advising us in writing, at any time up to 14 calendar days after receiving your goods. Please contact us directly if you are a reseller of our goods or if you use the goods on your own site, and ensure we are made aware of your intention in writing, along with a picture of a valid warranty label prior to returning the item(s), we will then advise the return charges and a unique reference number, after they have been accepted we can restock the goods. The item must not be damaged in any way and must be in a condition to be resold by us.
  • When can I expect delivery of my spares?
    We stock all replacement spares and parts, the lead time from receipt of order is 2-3 working days for delivery.
  • Delivery has been made to an incorrect address...
    We all know accidents happen sometimes and it's not uncommon that we are provided a delivery address which is not for the intended user. If this happens and you would like the product collecting and delivering to a different address, then we are able to collect your goods and re-deliver them to their correct destination. The request must come from your reseller and we must receive your request in writing, along with the collection and delivery address to enable us to log your request and quote you accurately. Charges will include... Collection charges from original destination Admin charges Re-delivery charges to correct destination
  • When can I expect delivery of my product?
    All orders received, are acknowledged back with an anticipated date of delivery, your order confirmation will give an anticipated date of delivery. Our drivers deliver between the hours of 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday, if you have specific opening hours or are closed during any of the stated hours, then these should be noted on your purchase order to us.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    The reseller may cancel an order at any time prior to despatch by sending in writing, the order number and our confirmation number, along with the reasons for cancellation. As we manufacture everything to order, you may incur a charge if manufacturing of the item has already begun. If the goods have been despatched then please see the restocking information for charges.
  • Products received damaged...
    If your goods are damaged or received in an unsatisfactory condition, please reject the item so we can get a new one out to you! If the item can not be rejected, details MUST be noted on the drivers delivery note and our sales team must be notified in writing within 3 working days. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and additional lead time (which nobody wants!).
  • Faulty goods information...
    We will offer to replace confirmed faulty goods at our cost, after we have conducted a full assessment at our facility. Please contact your reseller, who will in turn contact our sales department to arrange this.
  • Failed delivery Information...
    We will always advise an ANTICIPATED date of delivery when you place an order, this means that we will attempt to deliver your item on or before the date acknowledged. As most customers always want their product as soon as possible, we will get your item delivered on the next available vehicle, more often than not this is earlier than the anticipated date. If you DO have specific dates that you require delivery between, then please let us know this at the time of order and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. Should we attempt delivery and nobody is available to sign for the goods, then we reserve the right to charge carriage to return the item to our factory, any admin costs incurred and charge a re-delivery fee of the item. We will advise the costs for this ASAP after the rejection has taken place.
  • What to consider with a walk through rear of platform option?
    Note : As standard the rear legs of our mobile steps splay out at a 3 degree angle, to provide maximum stability! If you require your unit to have a 'walk off' to the back or side of the working platform, then you may wish to consider adding a 'FLUSH REAR' modification. This modification to our standard unit has our team manufacture a mobile step with straight rear legs. We will also ensure that the wheels do not protrude out of the footprint of the working platform, to prevent any gaps when the unit is pushed up against a vertical surface, enabling the user to walk off of the platform with no gap between the working platform and the vertical surface.
  • What's your current lead time?
    Our delivery lead time and delivery costs depend on the required delivery destination, to find our current lead time please contact us. When quoting by email or phone we will always advise our current lead times, however, should our lead times change or reduce prior to placing your order with us, then they will be adjusted accordingly on your order confirmation. Please note; that with all the best intensions in the world we will try to get your product there asap, because we believe that when you place your order you shouldn't have to wait!
  • Custom axle widths
    We can reduce most of our standard axle sizes down, to enable users to have the widest step possible in a narrow space. However, this will effect the height to base ratio of the unit. Any units with reduced axles, must be used within the confines of an aisle or where supported on both sides at all times! We would only recommend this option if the unit is not for usage elsewhere. TIP : If your step is between the sizes of 3-6 tread, then consider having a double bogey braking system, rather than reducing the axle.
  • What finish do you offer?
    All of our Klime-Ezee products have a high gloss, hard wearing, powder coated finish in a large variety of colours! We can also spray our products in custom colours and a surcharge will apply. Before placing your order please specify the RAL number for the colour you require so that we may quote accordingly. We do not offer any type of wet spraying or galvanised finishes.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    We have built up a large network of amazing resellers. If you would like to contact us we can put you in touch with one, in which you will be able to purchase our products through.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We currently deliver to Mainland England, Wales, lower Scotland and all parts of mainland Ireland.
  • Export Information
    Mobile steps commodity code : 7326 9030 00 EORI : GB598405302000 TSS : TSS0013748
  • Safe working load information
    All of our Klime-Ezee mobile steps hold a safe working load of either 300Kg or 500Kg and have been independently tested by a third party proof load testing company, all of our test certificates can be found on each products page.
  • VAT information
    From 1st January 2021... All of our products are charged with the current UK VAT rate of 20%. UK registered resellers who place an order with us for delivery to Ireland will be charged 20% UK standard rate of VAT, unless you inform us of any supply chain information which may alter the VAT treatment. Resellers based in ROI who place an order with us for collection / delivery to Southern Ireland will be charged a ZERO rate of VAT on their export. We ask that you provide us with: - Your VAT registration number for ROI upon placing your order - If collecting from us you arrange prompt collection within HMRC's specified time limits - If collecting from us you provide us with 'proof of export' within 5 working days of despatch. This can be either official customs export documentation or commercial transport/shipment paperwork. Otherwise goods will be charged in accordance with the UK VAT rate. The above information is what we have interpreted from our UK Government website, for further information please visit the HMRC website...
  • What 'paperwork' comes with my product?
    Your product will arrive with the following paperwork and stickers attached... An advice note will be attached to one of the lower treads, this has your delivery information, your resellers details and the products information (complete with serial number). You should remove the advice note from the step and keep somewhere safe for future reference. A Warranty Label will be attached to your product, this is located behind the lower treads (and should not be covered or removed), this has your product serial number, model reference and is your warranty with the product. An important Safety Notice can be found attached to the front of the treads. This has all the do's and don'ts of using the product safely and should be replaced immediately if it becomes damaged. Test certificates do not come printed on the product, however they can be found each products range page.
  • How do I store my product?
    Our products are finished in a high gloss powder coated finish, which is is a multi-step process that ensures surfaces are cleaned and prepared for a smooth application and strong bond. The powder coating process uses a combination of positive and negative electric charges, attracting powders to each bit of exposed metal surface and holding them there until curing is complete. We do not recommend storing your product(s) outside or in freezing temperatures, as although they are water resistant, they are not waterproof. You should always store your product in a clean and dry environment out of the way to prevent damage and subsequently rust.
  • Information on damages...
    Before you decide to send your product back to our factory for repair... we suggest you complete one of our Maintenance Checklists to see if your product can be fixed onsite. The most common damage people come across, is to the wheels and castors; we carry a full range of spares and replacement parts. However, if the damage is more severe, then we would need to inspect the item at our factory.
  • How often should I inspect my product?
    Your product should be inspected for damage prior to EVERY use and a full maintenance inspection at least every six months. Doing this means your product will be safe to use for years to come, it is imperative we protect all operatives using our products and to prevent any hazards occurring within the workplace!
  • Do you offer on-site assessments?
    We do not offer on-site assessments, however we may be able to arrange for one of our Resellers to visit you depending on where you're based.
  • Returning the item for assessment?
    Should you wish to return the item to us for assessment... arrangements can be made for either yourself to return the item to us or we can collect it. Once we have received your enquiry, along with a picture of the warranty label, we will then log your details onto our returns system and send you a label for your item(s), you will need to attach this to the product(s) which will be returned to us. When we have your product(s) back with us, a full assessment report will be completed by our team. We can then advise appropriate repair costs. Upon acceptance of the charges, we will carry out the work and you may either collect or we can arrange for the item to be returned to you. The charges will be as follows... Admin cost Carriage to collect the item Carriage charge to re-deliver the item Full assessment is free of charge Repair charges PLEASE contact us along with sending a picture of your valid warranty label, to obtain a returns number prior to arranging your own transport.
  • What warranty comes with my product?
    In addition to all benefits conferred on the buyer by statute, the seller guarantees the workmanship of goods offered for a period of twelve months as standard (unless otherwise stated) from the date of sale, provided that: It is established to the reasonable satisfaction of the seller that some part of the material used in the manufacture was defective, or there is evidence of poor workmanship. The goods have NOT been subjected to misuse or abuse of any kind. The goods have NOT been tampered with or attempted repair. This warranty does not extend to fair wear and tear. The seller operates a return to base warranty, all items must be returned to Klime-Ezee for inspection at the warrantee's cost, if the item is deemed to be faulty the item will be repaired and returned to the warrantee at the sellers cost.
  • Making a warranty claim...
    If you wish to make a claim, please ensure that your product meets the guidelines below... The credit/payment terms have not been breached with the manufacturer The item is still under warranty The warranty label is still attached to the product and has not been defaced or tampered with Warranty is RTB (return to base) costs of return to be borne by sender The Warranty covers parts and labour (not including parts of limited regular functionality due to their natural wear and tear, nor does it cover damages that are deemed to have been caused by misuse, abuse or acts of God) Does not cover workmanship carried out by anyone other than Klime-Ezee If damage occurs, the product is removed out of use immediately and arrangements made to repair the product The products cannot be returned under warranty without a valid RMA (return manufacturer's authorisation) number raised by the manufacturer prior to the return
  • Faulty product information...
    If you think your product maybe faulty and you need some advice or think it needs repairing, please contact either ourselves or your reseller immediately. To enable us to give you the best possible advice and sort your query out efficiently, please send us the following information... A picture of the products warranty label, this must be valid! It should clearly show the products model reference, serial number and date. This is located behind (or under on some older models) the 3rd tread up. The label should NOT be covered up, skewed or tampered with, as this will void your warranty. A photo of the area which may have a fault or a video of the problem.
  • Comparison
  • How are your products made and what do they comply with?
    Our products are manufactured with Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel tube which has a 1.50mm thick wall. The ERW tube is a strong but very light weight product, people refer to it as “precision” tube because of its high quality surface and close manufacturing tolerances. Our products are finished off by a high specification of architectural powder coating, this is applied as a dry powder through an electrostatic process. It is then baked in our oven to cure, which provides a high gloss finish that is flexible and easy to keep clean. Powder coating is the hands down top choice of finish for your product and is a cut above any wet spraying options. The chemical bonds to the steel to give it a superior protective layer that will hold up to extreme weather conditions and physical impact, meaning it’s scratch resistant. It can last up to 20 years when looked after correctly and the best part of this amazing product is, it’s environmentally friendly! Finally we work with one of the best wheels and castor suppliers in Europe who have a large range of robust products available. Adding these to our product as standard means that we can offer products with a HUGE Safe Working Load (SWL) weight of 300Kg, with some of our mobile steps being able to withstand a SWL weight of 500Kg. All of our products are manufactured through good working practices and we hold the ISO9001 certificate (and have done since 1994). Mobile steps have been tested by an independent testing house and certified certificates have been issued at either 300Kg or 500Kg SWL weight. These can be downloaded on our product pages. We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible within our manufacturing process and continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re pleased to advise that between 2020 - 2021 we managed to reduce our wastage by 45%.
  • BSI Kitemarked steps
    We currently do not hold a Kitemark on our product and we have not had our products tested with the British Standard Institute. We have however been manufacturing high quality mobile steps for nearly 30 years and some of our oldest steps are STILL in use today, having been maintained in accordance with our guidelines. Whilst a lot of our manufacturing methods have remained the same since we first started as MFB Fabrications Ltd. in 1994, we have continued to innovate our processes and update our design in line with changes to the industry as well as Health & Safety recommendations. When BSI released their Kitemark for “mobile steps” we immediately ensured that our product range met their recommended guidelines to ensure that our customers still felt safe and comfortable when using our products. Fortunately for our customers, the Klime-Ezee products already met and in some cases exceeded their recommended guidelines! So not only can you be rest assured that your Klime-Ezee product will stand the test of time, but that it also exceeds some of the standard recommendations by the governing body.


  • When your step has been delivered, you should assess its suitability for the intended use with a full Risk Assessment. Your own H&S officer should complete this. 

  • You should read through our user instructions found on our downloads page here... 

  • Inspect the product prior to using it and complete a full Maintenance Inspection, at least once every six months! We have a free inspection form to help you with this on our downloads page here... 

  • This is a piece of safety equipment, you should train all users for their own safety prior to use and record their training.

  • For information on how to operate the braking system, to aid with your on site training, you can view our user video and download a copy of the instructions from our downloads page here... 

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