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Inspection close up


Don't put yourself in DANGER by knowing when and how to inspect your product!

You must inspect your product prior to every use, to ensure you are not putting yourself and others in danger whilst using your safety equipment. In addition to these regular checks you must carry out a full maintenance inspection, every six months! By staying visual and proactive in maintaining your equipment, not only keeps the user safe, but prolongs the longevity of the product. 

Below are a few things to look out for in your daily and six month inspection, any of the following can cause danger to the operator. We suggest if any of the following are found during your daily inspection, then you should complete a full product inspection and take the unit out of use until they have been fixed. 


Things to look out for

It is highly recommended that an inspection is carried out by a competent person, they should have a good working knowledge of the types of defects or deterioration that could be present. Be extremely vigilant for the following damage which could be present during your inspection...


  • Bent or twisted framework & bracings

  • Damage to the braking system

  • Damage to treads & platform area

  • Paintwork missing or rust developing 

  • Missing or damage to wheels & castors

  • Damage or missing platform exits

  • Missing or damaged labels, especially the 'Safety Notice' label (this contains vital information on SWL limits)


Should you find any faults during this inspection, we highly recommend that you remove the unit from operation immediately and quarantine until the fault has been rectified.

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