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Refurb Pack A

Refurb Pack A

Excluding VAT

What products does this pack suit?

  • Industrial (KE) 7-15 treads
  • Knock-Down (KK) 7-15 treads
  • Extra Wide (KW) 7-15 treads
  • Narrow Aisle Pro (KNA) ranges with 7 -8 treads


Pack Includes:

  • Large wheels (1 Pair)
  • Large castors (1 Pair)
  • Release hand lever sticker (1)
  • Important information sticker (1)
  • Do not overreach sticker (1)
Please Note : We ship to all parts of England & Wales, lower Scotland and Ireland by express post.
We are unable to accept returns on any spares unless they're faulty. If you need any help with selecting the correct item, then please give us a call on 01773 834 910.

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