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Our security cages can be purchased in a ready 'made' kit or as single panels for you to customise your own sized cage. Maybe you wish to add in extra panels to your existing cage at a later date? Thats ok too! All of our panels and kits come with fixtures and fittings, along with a handy booklet to help you with assembly. 

Build your own cage to suit the dimensions you need, place panels and doors wherever you require and configure away to your hearts desire! 

As standard our cages are finished in Jet black, but can be powder-coated in almost any other colour or galvanised at special request. 



Know your FLOOR size

What area are you working with?

Get your floor size to hand

Are there any height restrictions? Panels heights are between 1500 - 2000mm

Are your walls flat, or do we have pipes or objects to work around?


Access & Storage

What products are you storing?

Do you need multiple access points? 

What area will your products take up, maybe you need to step inside to unbox goods?

Do you need larger doors for ease of access?


SUBMIT your enquiry below

Once you have all of your information, fill in the form below for one of our customer service team to quote you accordingly!


How do we keep our products flexible to suit your needs, whilst still offering an incredibly quick manufacturing time? 

Our stock is monitored by using Kanban cards (these tell us when to order goods and the quantity to order) which means that we have enough materials on hand to produce many cages without overstock of materials.

We're a Lean thinking company, which means that all of our products are manufactured to order. This gives us the space to produce items as required and our products don't sit on shelves gathering dust.

Our processes are revised and smoothed out constantly, enabling us to reduce / absorb cost and not pass onto our customers!

Due to the high demand for security cages, we have postponed our order intake.


All of our products are manufactured to order, with our team taking much pride and time in producing these goods, we do not believe in stocking products as damage can occur from storing excess inventory. 

We will resume taking orders for our Fortress range soon and would like to thank you for your support and patience! Meanwhile if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1773 834 910. 

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