Hi fellow LEAN MANIAC! have been directed to this page for pre tour information, or you may have just stumbled upon it by accident, either way your here now so lets get started...

I Would Like To Enquire About A Tour?

When we first embarked on our Lean adventure, never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that we would be able to make Lean stick and actually enjoy doing it, let alone, other companies would want to come and see what we were doing! Thanks to Paul (author of 2 Second Lean and Fastcap founder) and Ashley’s great relationship, he has convinced us to open our doors to pay it forward for the next set of Lean companies who wish to start their journey. So thanks to Paul, we offer a few factory tours a month, we hope by doing this, it helps other Lean companies take their journey just a little further than they realised they could go.

Klime-Ezee is not a teaching facility, we cannot teach you Lean and unfortunately, we don’t open our doors to people who are thinking about starting Lean or who are just curious to see what we are doing, however if this is you please feel free to drop us an email with any questions, we are still here to help! But regarding a tour, we do only want serious people who have started their journey and who are engrained in the continuous effort to build a Lean culture.

We hope that by allowing visitors to tour Klime-Ezee that it in turn grows our people and our culture.
If you are serious about visiting us for a Lean tour, here are our requirements...

- The owner(s) of the business & manager(s) must be present on the tour.
- All of the visitors must have read '2 Second Lean' by Paul Akers.
- You should have watched a few of Klime-Ezee's improvement videos, we want you to fully understand what continuous improvement means to us. 
- The company must have its own YouTube Channel with at least 50 improvement videos.

If you're already posting public videos to your YouTube channel then you're awesome, if you can meet all of the criteria above, then we would love for you to visit us (and hopefully teach us something new), if you're not quite at that stage, no problem, it won't take you long to catch up, and in the meantime if you have any questions you can still email Ashley We suggest that you check out our Lean Friends page and watch some of their videos too, that should get you on your way but ultimately it's not that difficult... just FIX WHAT BUGS YOU!

Ok, My Tour Is Booked! Now What?

Keep up to date with our YouTube Channel, we have all sorts of improvement content going up most days. Our videos will hopefully give you a good idea of what you can expect to see on your tour and how we are progressing. 

Let us know who's coming with you? By doing this, it gives us an opportunity to 'customise' the tour slightly, meaning if you have all employees who work in an office environment, we can show you more of our office based improvements!  

Oh and don't forget, as we work in a manufacturing facility, warm clothes on cold days are HIGHLY recommended! We host our morning meetings on the shop floor so you could be stood for about 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring your smart phones / cameras and take as many pictures as you like, you are also welcome to video our morning meetings.

We have a large carpark on site with plenty of parking, so parking is not an issue!
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