Hi, I'm Walter!

It looks like you may have ended up somewhere you shouldn't... story of my life!

Take a moment to relax and then click 'back' to try again!

Hi I'm Ashley Bailey, the Managing Director of Klime-Ezee!

Congratulations on finding a part of our website that probably shouldn't have seen the light of day, but you're here now so why don't you take a moment to enjoy it.
You probably ended up here because a part our website isn't ready to go live yet, so rather than it be blank or say something generic like 'coming soon' we thought it would be nice to inject a little humour into your day.

We hope this has made you smile and that you don't feel that we have been unprofessional, however if you're still grumpy then just look at Walter again... seriously how can you not love that dog!?!

If there is something specific that you are trying to get to and it's just not working then we would really appreciate it if you could let us know, either call the office or send us a quick email.

Have a great day!
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