Safety Notice Label

All of our steps have a warranty & safety notice label attached to them, the safety notice is highly visible on the step to advise the user of the Do's & Dont's of using the step, along with the safe working load of the product.  It is very important that this label is kept visible and remains attached to the product, if the sticker is covered or removed then the can become dangerous to the user! 

Label Location
Our label placement has been specifically picked to ensure maximum visibility to the user prior to usage, this is at eye level. Depending on the height of the unit, is dependent on where you will find the sticker...
  • Products 6 treads & below - label is located on toe plate on the platform
  • Products 7 treads & above - label is located on a plaque under the 7th tread 

If your safety notice sticker becomes damaged or is removed, please contact your reseller for a replacement. We do stock these labels and are able to provide replacements if required at an additional cost.

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