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What Comes As Standard?
What comes as standard packaging?
Collecting your goods?
I've Paid To Palletise My Shipment!
How will my palletised item arrive? 

What Comes As Standard? 

Q. What comes as standard packaging?
As standard, our steps have foam lagging protection placed at strategic points to protect the units from rubbing on the lorry bed whist in transport. The reason our items are not shrink-wrapped or palletised as standard; is because it makes it super quick for our customers to inspect the items upon their arrival at their final destination, it is more environmentally friendly and saves our customers from waisting time unpacking products. By leaving our products unwrapped it makes it easy for our drivers to spot anything untoward en route and gives them the flexibility to abort delivery if something isn't quite right with the product. 

Our steps will arrive to you on a flatbed lorry, as we have found this is the best way to safely deliver out steps. They are NOT usually stacked as standard, to ensure your product arrives damage free!
Q. Collecting your goods? 
If you have arranged your own collection with an external haulier, then please be aware that our steps are not usually palletised (unless requested), please ensure that the haulage company you have contracted are aware of the following...

- We will alert you (our customer) 2-3 days prior to your shipment being available for collection, by email. Please do not arrange collection before this email! 
- We will send a 'collection' note by email, this will need to be passed on to the driver who is collecting the step from us. PLEASE NOTE : The step will NOT be released without this paperwork. 
- Our collection times are stated on the collection note.
- All of our items are classed as 'ugly' freight and are non-stack, stacking our items can cause damage to the handrails making them unusable.
- Product/Shipping dimensions can be found on their respective product page.

I've Paid To Palletise My Shipment!

Q. How will my palletised item by palletised?
Depending on the size of your product, will determine how many pallets your order will be palletised too...

2-4 tread steps will be placed stood up on 1 pallet
5-6 tread steps will be placed lay down across 2 pallets
7 + tread steps will be unable to be palletised 

The item will have foam lagging protection where necessary and be strapped to the pallet using minimal ties, to prevent excessive force bending any of the legs or rails during transit. 

Again, we do not wrap the product (only where necessary) as this makes the inspection process quick and easy for our customers. 

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