You know when you just hit that wall? That feeling you get of whats the point? Can I really go on doing this day after day? How come no-one else cares about this stuff? Why is this customers order late again? Why didn't anyone report this broken? What fires am I putting out today? Well in 2012 Ashley Bailey, the Managing Director of Klime-Ezee, was asking these very same questions at least 10 times a day and getting ready to give up, until he discovered 2 Second Lean & Paul Akers...

Our Lean Journey

In 2012 Ashley was looking for further ways to develop Klime-Ezee, specifically to increase production and reduce lead times, at this point maybe we should give you some insight into what it was really like to work here in 2012... Most days all of the employees would usually arrive 5 minutes late for work especially the office staff, the fear of dread as the day started, who will be the first customer to call and complain about their late delivery again today? What outsource purchases i.e steel and wheels did we forget to order yesterday? Meaning purchasing will have to spend over an hour ringing our suppliers to get them to deliver to us urgently! Will the delivery driver turn in today to take the one transport vehicle out? What machine will break down today? And how stressed will all of our management get? When the day is done, all you can think about on your drive home is... Oh "I forgot to get an answer for so-and-so" and "I wish our transport company would have called me back so i could give my customer an actual answer", many signs and disappointments throughout the day made work, just work. 

Thankfully Ashley was persistent in looking for a better future for our company! After several weeks of researching different manufacturing methods around the world and countless hours on the internet at night, one phrase stood out from the rest, 2 SECOND LEAN. Ashley already had some knowledge of six sigma and lean etc. but ’2 Second Lean’, what was that? It was different, it was more about ‘thinking lean’ rather than ‘becoming lean’. It peaked everyones interest, however like many other things we had tried before not many people were optimistic in the success of this '2 Second Lean' idea!

Ashley decided to contact Paul Akers, the author of ’2 Second Lean’, emailing Fastcap LLC in the USA, this is Paul's company, we wanted some advice that would solve all our problems! Under Pauls guidance Klime-Ezee has become a ‘Lean Thinking’ manufacturing company, we continue to grow as a culture with one goal in mind, which is to serve our customers, whatever it takes. We owe Paul a lot, like many other companies around the world, we remain optimistic as we continue to grow!

So do you want to know what our days look like now? Our employees turn up as much as 30 minutes early for work, we do not dread picking up the phone as our planning for production and transportation has been brought all in house, meaning every customer can have their delivery information in real time! We have several vehicles going out for delivery a day as apposed to 4 a week! Due to our 3S' ing time and machine maintenance, people complement how tidy our factory has become and our machines are regularly serviced to prevent breakdowns! We all have a company meeting everyday, where everyone gets a say or opinion on all areas of the business!

We know we aren’t perfect, we are a long way from it, we still understand that 98% of everything we do is waste!, that’s why lean is a journey not a destination but once you see waste you can’t un-see it… so we improve every day! If you would like to come along and see what were doing, then visit our tour page for more information.

Our Lean Resources 

We have many requests to make our Lean PDF's available online, so feel free to print, copy or alter our sheets and use them as you see fit! Lean is about sharing not only your success stories, but its about helping others start and progress on their journeys too. 

Below are some of our Lean PDF's, they are documents that really helped us within the fist year of lean! We've also added a PDF which has some of our very early improvements on. If there is any documents missing which you think would help you and other companies or have seen one on a factory tour or even one of our social media platforms, that we haven't posted below then please let us know so we can make them available! 
Morning Meeting 
Daily Goals
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