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Lets face it, there are so many rules, regulations, do's and don'ts around Health & Safety nowadays that it can be overwhelming when making a decision on a safety product! Thats why we have put together this one page where you can gather all of the relevant information to help guide you when choosing the right product!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. What IS the main standard covering Mobile Warehouse Steps?
A. The British Standard BS EN 131-7:2015. Testing to this standard is covered in related parts of the same standard.

Q. Do I have to have a British Standard certified product, is it a health & safety legal requirement? 
A. No, it is NOT a legal requirement, it is only recommended that you purchase products that meet this standard.

Q. Can products meet this standard without paying an extortionate cost of having it stamped with a kite mark? 
A. Yes! Our products are built to the same design and specifications as the British Standards specifications, where we can exceed their recommendations we have done so. 

Q. Are some products unable to be kite marked?
A. Yes, only mobile steps with platform lengths between 400 & 1000mm are covered under BS EN 131-7:2015. Longer platform lengths fall outside of the scope of the standard.

Q. What are Klime-Ezee's products tested to?
A. Klime-Ezee's products have been manufactured for over 25 years, to strict manufacturing standards. We have our steps tested at an independent testing house who put our steps through their paces, testing their safe working loads and build quality. We also currently hold a valid ISO9001 certificate and have held the accreditation since 1994. 

You can find our test certificates in our Downloads section. 
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Whilst every effort has been made to make sure this information is correct, we cannot be liable if we have misinterpreted the standard or miscommunicated this throughs this page. If you have specific requirements that your products meets, then we suggest you further investigate prior to making a purchase. 

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