Cantilever Options

There are quite a number of different cantilever options available to make your mobile step suitable for use. We thought we would put together a list of cantilever options that we can SAFELY manufacture! Whilst we know there are many more options and different requirement needs, these are the ones we can currently offer...
Here are the cantileive options, that we have available. They cover different requirements; therefore we recommend that you read and fully understand your requirements of the unit, to enable you to make the right decision when purchasing a product! 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Our standard steps have a 3 degree outward rake to the back legs, this is to add the maximum stability to our units for user safety!  

1. Access to mezzanine flooring (via REAR of step), or using your product against something vertical

Decide on the size of platform required, if your product is purely used for access, then the standard platform length of 400mm will be ample. We will inset the rear legs of the product by approximately 50mm and straighten them; to ensure the bottom tyres sit inline with the platform edge. By doing this, this will enable the user to push the step up to a surface and have the platform edge meet the flooring, leaving no gap. 

Additional Codes Required...
Code : MODFB
Description : Flush back rear legs

Walk through rear OPTIONS

2. Using your step up against the SIDE of a wall

As with any step with a rear axle, the wheels on the back are added to the ‘outside’ framework of the step. Therefore making it difficult to push the side of the step up to something to sit flush, leaving no gap! Our solution to this problem would be to increase the platform width by 200mm on the appropriate side, which will be used for access. By increasing the width of the platform by just 200mm, means that the bottom wheel (located on the axle) will sit underneath the platform. Leaving no gap between the side of the platform and the next surface. 

Additional Codes Required...
Code : EXPE1C
Description : 1 Tread cantilevered platform extension 

Walk through side OPTIONS

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