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Lets face it, there are so many rules, regulations, do's and don'ts around Health & Safety nowadays that it can be overwhelming when making a decision on a safety product! Thats why we have put together this one page where you can gather all of the relevant information to help guide you when choosing the right product!

BS EN 131-7:2013 Ladders. Mobile Ladders With Platform

What British Standards Apply To Mobile Warehouse Steps?
In November 2015, BS EN 131-1 was amended to include specification for wheels/castors & treads/platforms, thus encompassing mobile steps into the standard. Previously mobile warehouse steps had fallen outside of the scope of this standard, confusion had arisen around the class I, II & III certification. 

The standard BS EN 131 is a minimum recommendation of product conformity and not yet a legal requirement. It has always been Klime-Ezee's intention to far exceed any standards required on our products, even if its only a recommendation. 
Tested To The Standard
You must be very careful when purchasing a step with has been tested to the British Standard and/or has been Kite Marked, testing to the British Standard is very precise!

The certification to the standard only applies to the specification of the product that has been tested. If you purchase a product with a modification such as extended platforms, gates etc. then these cannot be Kite Marked or labeled as tested to the standard if those modifications were not on the original product that was tested.
Other Standards & Certifications...
You may see other logos and certifications against similar products, but what do they mean? It could be that it is just a manufacturing standard relating to build quality and not to a defined health and safety or even legal requirement. For more information regarding this, please see the Classifications Section.

Comparing The Standard

 Here is a breakdown of our mobile steps specification, in comparison to BS EN 131-7:2015*.
Specification BS EN 131-7 Recomendations Klime-Ezee Products
SWL 175 Kg 300 - 500 Kg
Toe Plates (heights) Minimum 50 mm high 150 mm high
Toe Plates (placement) To all 3 sides of platform Yes
Pulpit Rail Heights Minimum 950 - 1100 mm maximum Yes
Rail Gap Midrail does not allow 470 mm sphere pass through Yes
Tread Rise Minimum 200 - 250 mm maximum Yes
 *Designed to comply with British Standards wherever possible.

What Falls Outside The Scope?

The BS EN 131-7:2015 is only relevant to platforms between 400 - 1000mm in length, this means the following ranges with platforms fall outside this scope, however they are still designed and manufactured to the same design as our other products...

Truck-Dock (KTD) Range & Access Platform (KAP) Range
Due to the extra-long platform lengths, which as standard exceed 1200mm.

Narrow-Aisle (KN)
Because of the height to base ratio; to manufacture this range to meet the standard would make the step a wider version and not a 'narrow-aisle', the overall width the step will no longer be 'narrow'. Therefore even though doesn't meet the standard still safe to use in an aisle. 

Step-Over (KS & KU Range) & Tilt & Move (KTM Range)
Due to the platform length being under 400mm in length

The ranges listed above may never become part of the British Standards, however they have been built where possible to comply or exceed the standards set under BS EN 131-7:2015. 
All trade marks & logos shown on this page are the property of owner and are acknowledged to retrospective owners.
Whilst every effort has been made to make sure this information is correct, we cannot be liable if we have misinterpreted the standard or miscommunicated this throughs this page. If you have specific requirements that your products meets, then we suggest you further investigate prior to making a purchase. 

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