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Klime-Ezee offers bespoke products to suit our customers needs, we can offer products which are in line with our current designs. 

What does that mean? That means that by taking a product from our standard range and modifying it to suit your needs, we can keep costs and lead time to a minimum. If you are struggling to find a product that suits your needs, please email us with the full specification and an image of your requirements to see if we can help!

Here are a few units we've manufactured previously...

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Workshop Platform
This platform was designed for use in a workshop. Our customer asked for a large platform area where maintenance could take place, but also have guard rails to fully enclose the platform. They also wanted to be able to remove the side handrails to enable the user to work off of the side or walk through should they wish.

Working Platform Size (mm) 1500 Wide x 1500 Deep
Overall Unit Dimensions (mm) 2500 High x 1650 Wide x 2500 Long
Exits 2 x Removable Handrails & 1 x Platform Entrance Gate

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Waste Platform
This customer required access in to the back of a lorry, to unpack items which have been delivered to them, they wanted access to a bin through a trap door. By having a trap door in the platform the cardboard and packaging can be safely removed from the lorry and disposed of out of the way to reduce accidents occurring!

Working Platform Size (mm) 1200 Wide x 800 Deep
Overall Unit Dimensions (mm) 2380 High x 900 Wide x 2250 Long
Exits 1 x Walk Through Back With Chain & 1 x Platform Entrance Barrier

As we do not have a drawing department, we are unable to offer design advice or drawings, we also cannot offer site visits, however if you require some help or information, please contact us and we will recommend a reseller who specialises in bespoke design help!

Call Us For More Information Regarding Options & Extras For This Range!
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