About us...

Klime-Ezee Ltd., was originally formed in 1990 as MFB Fabrications Ltd., and has held an ISO9000 certification since 1995!

Klime-Ezee is located centrally in the United Kingdom in the county of Derbyshire. With it's rolling green hills and picturesque views we are situated in one of the most beautiful parts of England.

Our perfect location within the main road network of the UK allows visitors to find us easily and us to offer quick delivery lead times which cover all over the UK!

We have a great working relationship with all of our resellers, if you are buying a product for yourself please give us a call, we are happy to recommend one of them!

About our team...

We are incredibly lucky to have such a hard working, reliable, talented and self improving team! Their innovation and motivation to succeed makes working at Klime-Ezee a pleasure!

We are all striving each and every day to create a world class company and culture by following the '2 Second Lean' principles.

 Our team start every morning by cleaning and making a 2 second improvement which will help improve a process they use daily. Later on in the morning meeting we share our improvements and yesterdays struggles so that everyone can learn from each others mistakes!

Visit Our Partners In LEAN...

About our journey...

We started our 'Lean Journey' in July 2012, it has made an incredible change within our company, we have doubled our production output, halved our Lead time and prevented yearly price increases when our competitors haven't! 

Thats just the beginning, we have met some incredible companies which are run and staffed by amazing people, and our employees have had great opportunities to visit them from Windeck, Germany to Bellingham, Washington and Fort Collins, Colorado! 

We are part of an elite group of Lean enthusiasts, we get a wonderful opportunity to attend the yearly Lean Leadership summit!
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