KTM Tilt & Move Steps

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Are you are looking for a super easy step to use and manoeuvre about? The Tilt & Move steps may just be your match! This little step moves like a dream, with 3 platform sizes to choose from and 2 tread types, not to mention wider tread options you literally can't go far wrong! 

KTM Tilt & Move Steps
The Tilt & Move steps have been developed with maximum stability and extremely easy manoeuvrability in mind! Wether you have a step which pulls or pushes along, when the unit is in use, its sterdy design keeps it comfortable and safe in many applications. 

These steps come with PVC anti-slip treads as standard, and a choice of several colours at no additional charge! 
Platform Height (mm) 500mm - 1000mm High
Tread Width (mm) 400mm Wide x 200mm Deep
Platform Size (mm) 2 - 4 Tread : 400mm Wide x 200mm Deep
SWL (Kg) 300
Braking System 2 - 4 Tread : Tilt & Pull
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Available Colours

Dimensions & Information
Working Height - This is shown as a general guide between waist height and just above the shoulders of the average person, approximately 750mm range.
Overall Width – The main framework of the step is 450mm wide; the overall width shown is taken at the widest point, the axle, at the rear of the step.

Platform Size – As standard the 2-4 tread models consist of 1 tread, making the area 400mm wide x 200mm deep.

Packing Information – When your step arrives with you, it will be fully assembled. It will have a small amount of foam protection on. 
Height (mm)
H x W x L (mm)
KTM 02 2 500 1500 - 2250 470 x 500 x 1000 ?
KTM 03 3 750 1750 - 2500 600 x 500 x 1250 ?
KTM 04 4 1000 2000 - 2750 730 x 500 x 1750 ?
NOTE: All dimensions and weights are approximate only. Klime-Ezee reserves the right to change / amend any dimensions without prior notice.

Change of brake type from standard may affect the overall width of the unit, should you require any further information, please contact us.
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